Handcrafted Sundial Sculptures

Sundial ScuoptureHandcrafted sundial sculptures called Earth Clocks are customized for your spot on Earth . . . and yes they really work!

Mysterious and beautiful, simple yet fascinating, sundials were once ubiquitous objects for measuring time. A combination of art and science that has been lost to the ages, sundials are now seeing a resurgence as an attractive and nostalgic addition to modern gardens with a charm that spans all seasons. Earth Clocks Sundials are custom designed works of art – each one uniquely handcrafted of polished granite and forged steel. They are calculated to keep accurate time.

You can choose the size, shape, and edge for the stone. Designs are engraved in the stone and colored lithochrome is added for contrast.

Sundial Face Designs
Granite is the stone of choice for the sundials. It withstands the elements in all climates and has rich, beautiful veining and patterns. Each sundial requires several days to design, shape, carve, and mount the components.sundial celtic

The shadow caster or gnomon is the heart of the sundial. We offer hand forged steel, cut brass, and stainless steel cable designs with choices that allow you to set the character of your sundial. For artwork, you can choose one of our designs or supply your own.

We also provide complimenting pedestal bases that are hand forged from steel or worked in granite, each one slightly different and a work of art in its own right.

Custom Sundials Made For You
The face of each EarthClocks sundial has the date and exact location of your site engraved on it, making it truly unique and operational only for you.

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