Granite Sundials Withstand The Test of Time

granite sundials
Here's a selection of granite sundials.  Granite is the stone of choice because of strength, resistance to freeze and thaw, and ability to maintain a polished surface through years of outdoor service. The polished sundial surface is "mechanically" induced with diamond embedded polishing pads. These sundials are laid out using mathematic formulas that allow accurate time indication for a specific location on Earth.  Their time will vary from mechanical clock time for a few reasons. Dayli...

Handcrafted Sundial Sculptures

Sundial sculpture
Handcrafted sundial sculptures called Earth Clocks are customized for your spot on Earth . . . and yes they really work! Mysterious and beautiful, simple yet fascinating, sundials were once ubiquitous objects for measuring time. A combination of art and science that has been lost to the ages, sundials are now seeing a resurgence as an attractive and nostalgic addition to modern gardens with a charm that spans all seasons. Earth Clocks Sundials are custom designed works of art - each one uniquel...